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Midlands Storage Systems

Is your garage cluttered, disorganized and unusable? Or have you tried unsuccessfully to organize the mess? If so, you need to call the garage storage experts at Midlands Storage Systems. We are authorized dealers of – Monkey Bars, Strong Racks, storeWALL, New Age and Ulti-Mate – which provide the most efficient, cost effective and functional garage organization products available.

Even better, our staff will come to your home or business, design a solution that works for your space and then install all of the necessary cabinetry, racks, shelving and flooring. Get your garage back – contact Midlands Storage Systems today!

What Sets Us Apart

  • We can provide you with a 3D diagram of your dream garage
  • If you need help, we can sort and organize your items
  • Our crew completes the job by putting your things away for you

Midlands Storage Systems is a full service company. You can relax while we take care of the estimate, design, product procurement, installation, trash removal, and even temporary storage if necessary. You pay nothing until the job is done!