storeWALL wall storage

Whether you are just organizing your tools or outfitting your entire garage with storeWALL, you will have one of the most versatile storage systems on the market. StoreWall incorporates a hidden fastener system giving you a high end clean look. Panels will not fade and the color is throughout the panel, so scratches do not show. In high humidity areas like Columbia, storeWALL makes an excellent choice, as it does not mold or mildew. It is easy to clean and comes with a lifetime warranty.

storeWALL has created unique hooks and other accessories, however any 3 inch slatwall accessory will work with the system.

storeWALL offers two versions of slatwall: heavy-duty and standard-duty. If you plan on hanging heavier items like bikes and wheel barrels, then heavy-duty is the way to go. If you plan on organizing smaller items such as hand tools, cords, etc., standard-duty will be more than enough.

Color Options


Weathered Grey
Dover White
Brite White


Weathered Grey
Rustic Cedar
Global Pine
Bright White
Graphite Steel

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