Overhead Racks

Overhead racks

Overhead racks by Monkey Bars are the strongest, most reliable product on the market. The racks are made of 10 gauge steel with a 2-inch lip, making them strong and able to support large containers safely. Take advantage of all of the unused space above your head - our overhead racks can give you 50% more space in your garage! No more tripping over Christmas decorations in July because you can store them overhead until you need them. The expandable system is four feet deep and can be extended to fit any scenario. By installing two overhead racks in a double car garage, you will increase your overall storage space by 64 sq/ft.

Benefits of Overhead Racks

Expands your storage area: Increase your usable square footage by 50% with our solutions for overhead storage.

Everything has its place: With overhead storage racks, store less frequently used items up high. When every item has a rightful place, your space will be easier to maintain and efficiently utilized.

Easy access: You can easily access your long-term storage items. No more digging around the basement/crawlspace or attic.


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