Monkey Bar Storage System

Monkey Bars Storage

Long Term Storage: Using the super strong main shelf to store your boxes, totes, and any other items up high, but accessible.

Layer Your Storage: The adjustable Monkey Bars allow you to layer your storage. The system can hang 3-times the amount of items in the same space as other wall organization systems.

Hang Anything: Using the adjustable steel bars and hooks allows you flexibility to hang virtually anything as your needs change over time.

Each hook supports over 40 lbs. of weight . Now that’s a lot!

It All Starts With the Shelf

The Garage Shelving is solid surface and not a wire grid giving many advantages, such as strength, ease of cleaning, and dusting, and the ability to hold larger, and smaller items that may fall over or slide on a typical wire shelf.

It is made of 14 gauge steel that has a durable baked on powder coated finish.

The brackets are secured to the wall studs with two to three 3/8” – 3” long lag screws depending on the depth of shelf being used. It features a Safety Perimeter Lip to prevent items from sliding off.

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Choose Your Shelving Depth

The flexibility and size of the shelf allows us to install it in almost any garage and maximize space. Monkey Bars Garage Shelving is available in three depths, 16”, 24” which is the most popular, and 32”. All three depths accept the Adjustable Monkey Bars and are designed for specific areas of the garage, and ceiling heights. We will assist you in choosing the right options to fit your specific needs.

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Adding Bars, Hooks & Accessories

What makes the Monkey Bars Garage Storage System truly unique is its patented Adjustable Hanging Bars, and Hooks that allow you to hang your items up off the floor while keeping your items easily accessible. The Monkey Bars adjust in various heights and distances from the wall allowing you to hang a variety of items from its removable and positional hooks.

This design allows you to layer your items like never before. A Monkey Bar Garage Storage System can hang 3-times the amount of items in a given space then any other Wall Organization System on the market.

It is a Garage Wall Shelving and Wall Organization System in one!

Monkey Bars Storage System Benefits

Convenience: Your everyday items are placed where you need them and are easily accessible.

Space Saving: Shelving will afford more space for items that you don’t need to use every day.

Adjustable: You can easily reach your hanging items like golf bags, chairs, shovels, and toys using our racks and hooks that slide along the bars.


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