Low Profile Shelving

Low Profile Shelving

Low profile shelves are powder coated steel garage shelves that can hold a variety of items. The powder coating means they won’t rust, and their utility is limitless. Each 4 ft. section of shelving holds up to 400 pounds, and there is no diagonal brace so the shelf can be lowered to maximize storage space. In terms of horizontal storage, there are no support brackets to impede large items from being stored on the shelf so the shelf can stretch the entire length of the wall, if you like.

Three 1 ½” steel tubes and two 4” lag bolts ensure stability for each 4 ft. section and there is an optional safety lip to prevent items from falling off. Use your walls more effectively with low profile shelving - great for holding boxes, plastic containers, tools and more!

Low profile shelves can also be used above the garage door when an overhead rack is not appropriate. These shelves are very versatile and can be used over doors, windows and along short walls. Shelves come in 18" or 24" in depth.

Low profile shelves

Low Profile Shelving Benefits

Strength: Each 4' section holds 400 pounds and is 18-gauge power-coated steel.

Cost Effective: Economical way to install permanent shelves off the floor.

Flexibility: Shelves can be installed end to end and lowered for maximum storage height.


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