Storage and Flooring Ideas

Monkey Bars

  • Our goal is to get everything off the floor
  • Superior Strength. If you can lift it, Monkey Bars can hold it
  • We maximize all of the space, including corners
  • Two cars can now fit in the garage!
  • Plenty of shelving with the 32

Signature Series Cabinets

  • Black cabinets, black steel legs and a maple butcher blick countertop. Wow.
  • Maple cabinets, stainless steel legs and custom handles provided by the owner
  • Pewter finish with black handles. Sharp!
  • Sometimes standard cabinets don't work. This client still needed access to his attic.
  • Accommodated to fit any space

Classic Series Cabinets

  • Classic white cabinets with maple butcher block counter
  • Almost 8' tall maple cabinets, you can fit a lot of stuff in here.
  • Standard maple cabinets on stainless steel legs.

Ulti-mate Cabinets

  • Graphite grey with white slat wall and bamboo countertop
  • Graphite grey pantry provides a lot of storage.
  • The Starfire Pearl line always looks great.
  • The heavy duty Pro Series line.

New Age Cabinets

  • Pro Series grey cabinets. Wall mounted for easy cleaning!
  • Pro Series grey cabinets. Sometimes the smallest space can have the biggest impact.
  • The floor. The cabinets. Beautiful.
  • Keep your poisons out of harm's way and locked up.

Garage Flooring

  • Complete the look by doing the vertical stem wall around the garage.
  • Oil, gas, any household liquid, just wipes right up.
  • Custom colors are always an option to set yourself apart.
  • Chips hlep provide texture and will protect the concrete in case you drop something.
  • We can even add custom logos to your garage floor for that personal touch.

Outdoor Flooring

  • Tire of tracking in dust into the house? When we are finished, you will be walking barefoot on your new floor.
  • A floor coating on an outdoor patio will make cleaning it a breeze.
  • Most outdoor areas can be done in 1 day!

Overhead Racks

  • And now she can pull in the car.
  • Heavy Duty? I say yes!
  • 64 sq/ft of additional storage space can be found above your double car garage door.
  • Overhead storage is a great place for seasonal decorations.
  • Racks don't need to necessarily go over the garage door, but what else are you going to put there?

Low Profile Shelves

  • A perfect drop zone and pantry around the fridge!
  • These shelves are so sturdy, he has a generator on the top!
  • When an overhead rack won't work, these are awesome!
  • This shelving is going nowhere.
  • Don't know how to utilize that space by the garage door? We do!


  • storeWALL provides an infinite way to organize your items.
  • You can do an entire garage, or just one wall. The possibilities are endless.
  • Everything he needs in one convenient area.
  • Multiple colors allows you to find the one that is right for your garage.

Work Stations

  • Need a little space to work on the motorcycle? We can help with that!
  • We can accommodate for request. Including lighting.
  • We can incorporate our products with items you already have, like this rolling tool chest.
  • Cabinets, storeWALL and low profile shelving provides a great amount of work space and storage.

Sports Storage

  • Cargo carrier out of the way.
  • Ever wonder what to do with those corn hole boards?
  • We use every space possible when necessary.
  • This customer loves that they can just grab it and go!
  • This family is no longer parking outside.