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Garage Flooring

At Midlands Storage Systems we use the highest quality flooring through Monkey Bars. Monkey Bars flooring offers durable, stain free, beautiful options to make your garage a visually appealing space and easy to clean. The installation process ensures a smooth textured finish and our professionals make sure it’s installed properly. Twenty percent of the jobs we do are replacing failed DIY floor projects - sometimes the floors are less than two months old. Our products are made strictly for professional installation.

This is How We Do It

Our professionals at Midlands Storage Systems begin by grinding away any blemishes of the existing floor and fill in any cracks. Acid washing a floor is simply not sufficient to ensure proper adhesion to the concrete. Grinding the concrete will ensure the product sinks into the surface and creates a permanent bond that will not release. We finish off the floor of your garage with our durable, stain resistant, and beautiful floor coating. Our top coat of Polyurea is 4 times stronger than epoxy and is 99% solids content, which means it has not been diluted with other additives or solvents. The Polyurea top coat is a thin rubber membrane that is more flexible than epoxy, which allows it to withstand abuse and dropped items on the floor. Any spills or messes can be easily wiped clean with regular soap and water.

Finishing a floor can take as little as one day but a typical installation is about one and a half days to complete. You can normally walk on your floor in as little as eight hours and drive on it in 24 hours. Our garage flooring can be applied year-round and is low VOC and environmentally friendly. Home builders love having our flooring system installed in new homes, but we also specialize in giving drab concrete floors a makeover that transforms any space into a beautiful, finished area. Standard color options available are saddletan, marble, café mocha and granite. Custom colors are also available at additional cost.

Garage Flooring Benefits:

Use Anywhere: Besides garages, we have installed our garage flooring system on patios, basements, walkways, driveways, commercial warehouse floors, laundry rooms and other surfaces.

Sealed Surface: Dirt, motor oil, and other particles are unable to penetrate our durable flooring making it easy to keep clean and dry.

Guarantee: When completed, you will have a beautiful durable and easy to clean floor that will not fade, peel, crack or take tire transfers.

Garage Floor Process:

Step 1: Repair cracks

Step 2: Grind concrete

Step 3: Apply base coat and flakes

Step 4: Pick up excess flakes and scrape floor when dry

Step 5: Apply top coat of Polyurea

Step 6: Enjoy your beautiful new garage floor!

If you have questions about our garage flooring solutions, please contact us or visit our frequently asked questions page.


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